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Gilmer Buckeyes win 7-on-7 Tournament here


THE GILMER BUCKEYE Varsity football team went undefeated in six games and won the Varsity Division of the Gilmer High School 7-on-7 Football Tournament Saturday. The victory came just a week after making it to the semifinals in Keller, despite facing 4A and 5A squads in that tourney.

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David Smith realizes his dream of being a Nittany Lion


EVERY ONE of us has dreams of what seem to be almost impossible good things happening in our lives one day. Many of us, due to what seem to be insurmountable odds, never pursue those dreams. In most cases we fear failure and don’t want come up short. Thus, we never realize those dreams.

Former Gilmer Buckeye defensive lineman David Smith is living proof that IF you take the time to fight for the dream, prepare yourself for the battle, and move forward believing the dream WILL come true, you can beat those odds.

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