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Kenny Pettway's Football Camp

NFL's Pettway Brings Free Camp Home

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KENNY PETTWAY’S FOOTBALL CAMP gets started again for its second time around Friday morning at Buckeye Stadium with a group photo of participants. Pettway, 25, a fourth-year NFL linebacker with the Jacksonville Jaguars, is introducing (inset photo) a few of his Gilmer Buckeyes teammates from 1997-99, such as QBs Olan Johnson and Bran Webb, as the camp begins. Later on the young gridiron hopefuls heard from other NFL players such as his Jaguars teammate and former Hallsville Bobcat Clint Ingram, also Jaguar Richard Collier, Texans defensive end Earl Cochran and Green Bay Packers lineman Alfred Malone. The camp was free, thanks to a grant from the NFL. In an interview with KLTV Channel 7’s Reid Kerr, Pettway said, “This is the greatest highlight of my career. Playing football is fun, but being able to put on a free camp, something I never had when I was little, it’s a big thing for me.”