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TheOldCoach Week 9 Playoff Projections


Region II

Gainesville vs. Aubrey
Dallas Madison vs. Bonham
Atlanta vs. Wills Point
Canton vs. Henderson
Krum vs. Celina
Dallas Roosevelt vs. Melissa
Pittsburg vs. Emory Rains
Mineola vs. Gilmer

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UPDATE on Friday, November 1:
Celina still may be replaced with Argyle in this bracket, given new developments in District 10-3A. Last night Frisco Lone Star defeated Carrollton Ranchview, 34-20.

MATT STEPP: "Just called Argyle HC Todd Rodgers

in 10-3A, the 3 way tie is broken first if one team involved in the tie beats the other two.
In the case of Aubrey, Ranchview, Lone Star that can't happen.

The next tiebreaker if the 3 teams are tied at 1-3 is a positive/negative point system capped at 14. If the scenario is for 2 spots (in this case it would), then you take the top team via points; the two teams who are left go back to head to head.

As it stands:
Aubrey is +11
Frisco Lone Star is +3
Carrollton Ranchview is -14

Lone Star is locked in at +3, Ranchview plays Aubrey next week.

Aubrey wins; Aubrey and Lone Star are in the playoffs and Argyle goes D1 (no 3 way tie breakers needed)

If Ranchview wins by 7 or less...Aubrey is in the playoffs as top point differential AND Lone Star is in based on head to head win over Ranchview

If Ranchview wins by 8 then Aubrey and Lone Star are in at +3 each...Aubrey gets the tie break based on head to head over Lone Star...Lone Star gets the final spot based on head to head over Ranchview

If Ranchview wins by 9 or more....Lone Star is in as top point differential.....Ranchview is in based on head to head win over Aubrey. Argyle goes D2"

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