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Buckeye Football 2015

There have been a couple of changes made to the schedule. Kilgore scrimmage changed days and the 9/JV Nevada game added the 9th grade.

8/14 Hallsville (Scrimmage) There 7:30
8/21 Kilgore (Scrimmage) There 7:30
8/27 Liberty Eylau Here 7:30
9/04 Pine Tree Here 7:30
9/11 Tatum Here 7:30
9/18 Daingerfield (HC) Here 7:30
9/26 (Sat) Carthage Longview (Lobo) 7:00
10/02 OPEN
10/09 Melissa Here 7:30
10/16 Canton There 7:30
10/23 Bullard Here 7:30
10/30 Nevada There 7:30
11/06 Emory Rains (Sr Night) Here 7:30
8/14 Hallsville(Scrimmage) There 6:00
8/21 Kilgore (Scrimmage) There 6:00
9/03 Pine Tree There 5;00/6:30
9/10 Tatum There 5:00/6:30
9/17 Daingerfield There 5:00/6:30
9/24 Carthage Here 5:00/6:30
10/01 Gladewater Here 5:00/6:30
10/08 Melissa There 5:00/6:30
10/15 Canton Here 5:00/6:30
10/22 Bullard There 5:00/6:30
10/29 Nevada Here 5:00/6:30
11/05 Emory Rains There 5:00/6:30
Revised 6/23/15

Jr. High
9/10 Tatum Here 5:00/6:30
9/17 Daingerfield Here 5:00/6:30
9/24 Carthage There 5:00/6:30
10/01 Gladewater There 5:00/6:30
10/08 Jacksonville Here 5:00/6:30
10/15 Canton There 4:30/5:15
10/22 Bullard Here 4:30/5:15
10/29 Pittsburg There 4:30/5:15
11/05 Emory Rains Here 4:30/5:15
In district play, the 7thgrade A & B teams will play simultaneous ½ field games, both starting at 4:30 each week.


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